WiseCabinet & Countertop

Why Us

The Goal

We respect all your contributions to the concept of the kitchen, and we will also strive to achieve it perfectly. Providing quality products and professional services is our most important concept.

Our Advantages

Rating: 5 out of 5.

good quality

The material of the product is sturdy and durable. The combination of manual assembly and information mechanized production guarantees quality.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

fast production

We have the fastest production speed in the industry. It usually only takes about two weeks from placing an order to completing production.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

safe transportation

More than 200 sets of cabinets are transported from the factory to the guests’ homes every day. Good packaging and professional transportation ensure the safety of the products on the road.

Environmental Responsibility

eco friendly production

We completely adopt high-productivity mechanical production methods for product production. Except for cabinet assembly that requires delicate manual operations. In other production links, information technology equipment is used for mechanical production. Workers can now operate equipment to help them complete complex manufacturing processes, cutting, trimming, edge banding and drilling. This precise processing technology can not only ensure product quality, but also reduce unit energy consumption. Before the use of mechanical production, only 80 sets of kitchen cabinets could be produced through a 100-kilowatt power transformer, but now, in the same way, the output of a 100-kilowatt has reached as high as 160 sets of kitchen cabinets. The consumption of unit output has been greatly reduced due to new production methods.

eco friendly raw materials

We use 4 basic materials that meet the European E1 environmentally friendly raw materials, including plywood, MDF, etc. All these raw materials are used in furniture manufacturing and reach the highest level. This rating system was created by the European Union in Brussels and is the most stringent furniture product rating system in the world. The system evaluates furniture based on the amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing process, the degree of dangerous outgassing of formaldehyde and other toxic gases, and the source of the basic materials used.

Then assign a grade for each product, where “E-1” is the best grade, with zero displacement, and “E-5” is the worst grade with large displacement. The E-1 standard is the highest level possible with zero deflation. All our cabinets and other products are rated E-1.