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Door Styles

The choice of panel styles is critical to the final appearance of the entire cabinets. Whether it’s glossy or matte, or textured in a variety of colors, we have it all. Pick your favorite color here!


The types of cabinets vary according to their functionality. Choosing cabinets with appropriate functions will make the kitchen more beautiful and easy to use. We offer a wide variety of options to meet the needs of our customers


Countertops have different effects and textures depending on the type of stones. We offer quartz, marble, and granite as options. Choose your favorite style based on the characteristics  and the appearance of the countertop stone.

Kitchen Accessories

Cabinet accessories are an important part of kitchen equipment and play an important role in the functionality of the cabinet, which directly affects the overall quality of the cabinet. Integral cabinet accessories include handles, hinges, slides, pressure devices, footings, pull baskets, drawer rails and so on. Good accessories can make the kitchen more convenient to use.


A good vanity can make a bathroom appear clean, tidy and open. Depending on the type of vanity, there are two types: overhanging and floor-to-ceiling. We offer the best quality and appearance of vanity to our customers.