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Can I only buy door panels and drawer fronts without the cabinet box?

We do not recommend this option because our doors and drawer fronts only can fit the dimensions of our cabinets. If you need to replace the door panels or drawer fronts of our existing cabinets, we provide this service. Please contact your local retailer.

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How can I become a dealer of Wise Cabinet & Countertop?

If you are interested in becoming our dealer and meet the conditions, please fill our Dealer Application Form. Our sales will serve you. For details, please contact us. Click About Us for contact information. 

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Except of the kitchen, can I use cabinets from Wise Cabinet & Countertop in other rooms?

Cabinets from Wise Cabinets & Countertop are suitable for any room in the home. Basically  we can provide any customized furniture you want, such as closets and shoe cabinets etc. Please contact our sales and talk them your idea. They will help your to realize it.

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I am a builder and I need to order a lot of kitchen products for my project. How can I place an order?

Please contact our Brooklyn store or fill our Become Dealer form. Our sales will serve you. For details, please call 718-782-0050 or click About Us for more contact information. 

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How do I apply for a job in Wise Cabinet & Countertop?

We hope that enthusiastic and dedicated workers can join us. Please click Careers for recruitment related information.

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Where are Wise Cabinet & Countertop products manufactured?

All our products are assembled and inspected in our factories in New York State, USA.

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Do Wise Cabinet & Countertop provide warranty service?

We provide a limited lifetime warranty. Click Warranty for details.

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I visited two retailers that sell Wise Cabinet & Countertop products, but their product names are different. why?

The style and name of the product will change due to different distributors. This is normal. Please bring pictures of our products to your local kitchen designer. They will help you find the exact style and provide relevant information. You can download picture from our website.

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What if my retailer does not have samples, styles or colors that I am interested in?

Your retailer can order door panel samples from us. At the same time, you can learn about the colors and styles of related products through our website. Click Our Products to find the part you are interested in.

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What is the material of acrylic cabinet?

The interior of our cabinet is made of 3/4″ (or 18mm) plywood. 

The cabinet door panels and external part are made of 3/4″(or 19mm) panels which use Acrylic, CV or PET crafts depending on color. Click cabinet-material for more information.

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Can I order a Wise Cabinet & Countertop price list?

Each Wise Cabinet & Countertop dealer has their own price policy, which depends on the local transportation, handling and other related costs. In addition, the pricing of cabinets and countertops itself is very complicated. It depends on various factors such as your kitchen design, cabinet size modification and accessories. Please contact our dealer to get your detailed quotation. Their excellent sales team will serve you wholeheartedly.

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Can I purchase Wise cabinets or countertops online or directly from the factory?

Our factory does not directly sell cabinets or countertops. Guests can contact our cabinet & countertop store in Brooklyn or register on the website to place an order. Our professional sales team will serve you. Click here for contact details.

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How long will it take to get my cabinets after I place an order?

In most cases, your order will be completed in about two weeks (depending on location and timing). If you need to know the detailed time, please contact our sales by phone or email.

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